Thursday, April 18, 2019

Rinea® - Double-sided Paper Foil

    Rinea® paper-foil is a specialty crafting material, popular in Germany and other European countries for well over half a century. So, what's so special about it you may wonder...

    Paper foil is simply a sheet of paper sandwiched between two, thin layers of colorful aluminum foil. This creates paper-like sturdiness with the malleability of foil. It maintains its shape when curled or folded and doesn't wrinkle making it ideal for a wide variety of arts and crafts projects, including dimensional shapes. Paper foil is easy to emboss, die cut, punch, cut and texture with decorative paper crimpers. It can also be stamped with with Rinea's specialty "Ghost" ink and other inks designed for slick surfaces. With colors on both sides of each sheet, Rinea paper foil is available in a wide variety of color combinations in many popular sizes, perfect for all your crafting needs!  

    Not just for holiday decorating, Rinea paper foil can be used for projects throughout the year. Check the gallery of techniques here then see how DCC member designers rock their sparkle with paper foil:



  1. such lovely projects and so many different ideas!

  2. Thanks to all for their wonderful and inspiring projects using this fabulous foiled goodness. I have so many techniques to try :)