Thursday, May 21, 2020

DCWV Petal Paper Blog Hop

        April showers bring May flowers, and there's nothing more satisfying than creating your own, custom bouquet, especially when you can use specialty papers!  


    DCWV has been a long-time producer of the stack-- a set of coordinated papers, made in many popular coordinating themes and colors over the years. Happy members of the American Crafts family of products, they continue their pursuit of serving the consumer's crafty needs with new paper stacks releasing several times a year in updated themes and colors.  

   This month Designers Crafts Connection members are creating with Petal Paper, one of DCWV's most popular stacks. You can find them online here and in a variety of craft stores.  They're available in 2-color packs, single color rolls and booklets.

Crêpe paper has been a long time favorite for floral, party decorations and more! Its strong, crinkly surface makes it the perfect medium for unlimited creativity.  Check the links below to see the projects designed to inspire your Spring and Summer creativity.  Don't forget to share your projects on IG with DCWV -  Enjoy!