Thursday, November 11, 2021

Kunin Felt Blog Hop

       This month's blog hop is sponsored by Kunin felt, Made in the U.S.A. of Eco-fi®  

        Felt is one of those materials that has been around since, believe it or not, prehistoric times.  It has obviously changed over the years and now Kunin Felt is Made in the USA of Eco-fi®.  Eco-fi is a high-quality fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Instead of sending water bottles to landfills, Kunin recycles billions of them each year to make them into a product that amazingly becomes felt. 10 bottles equal 1 lb of felt that can be used for children's crafts, home décor, and even apparel.  Felt is weather-resistant and fade proof, which also makes it great for outdoor décor. It can even be used to line garden beds or patiosto keep them weed-free.

        Felt is a wonderful and amazingly versatile fabric.  It is widely used in the Arts & Crafts industry for a wide variety of projects from gift-giving and home décor to seasonal decorations. It is available in two weights, Classic and Premium. Craft cuts come in two sizes, 9" x12" and 12" x 18". It is also sold by the yard.  You can find it on Amazon,, in Walmart, and all your favorite craft stores. 

        Designer Crafts Connection members recently received samples to work with, so check out each designer's blog to see what they came up with to inspire YOU to craft with felt!  


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  1. All the projects are beautifully made, loads of inspiration.